Knowing your hair texture

Our crown is our glory in many women, and we have passed those thoughts down to our daughters. Whether it be straight or fine, all hair is beautiful in its own way. Trying to control the type of hair or texture you have can be a full-time job but learning to embrace it is worth learning how to care for your beautiful mane. We define hair textures as fine, medium, and thick. This describes the thickness of each strand of hair. If you look at the picture above it gives a description of how each hair strand, use this as a guide to compare to your hair. Knowing your hair type and texture will help you take better care of your hair.  Hair listed in Type 1 is normally straight hair and would have to be chemically altered to form a curl.

Type 2 hair is naturally wavy hair and thicker than type 1, most of the hair is straight and forms waves towards the ends of the hair. Type 3 is curly hair, easy to style this curly hair can go from fine to thick. When wet it can appear straighter but will go back curly when dry. Frizz, dryness, and our all-time favorite shrinkage, lol, just kidding because the shrinkage is real. Lastly, Type 4 is known as Kinky hair, we do not consider it bad hair and there is no such thing. This hair type has the tightest curls also ranging from fine to thick and can be anywhere from an S to a Z-shaped coil. If not taken care of this hair can break easily, our favorite go to for this hair type would be a conditioner, moisturizer, and all-natural oils.

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