Detangling saves hair

Understanding your hair texture is very important and knowing how to detangle your hair is vital to having a suitable appointment. To detangle the hair it is best if wet, in small sections, and with a wide-tooth comb. You may ask,” what if my hair is coming from braids?’, once we removed the braids comb through the hair from root to end with a wide-tooth comb. Doing so eases the painful process at the salon and makes it quicker for your styling time. Doing so helps remove the tangles, and it also removes product residue that has been building from protective hairstyles. The more tangles your hair has in it, the more breakage one can have which is why detangling is important. Detangling is effective when removing tangles and normal shedding to the hair that cause matting and knots which leads ultimately to breakage. Detangling can also help with washing the hair, styling the hair, and distributing products throughout the hair.

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